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After seeing the original IndieGameJam we thought of similar event in Lithuania. Some people of nesnausk! organized already two Jams, in 2002 and 2003.

LTGameJam (Lithuanian Game Developers Jam-Session) is a periodic game development/design event happening in Lithuania. The purpose of the event is to create games on some narrow theme, gather experience and have fun. Developers are invited to some place, given computers, main idea, "game engine" and 2 days of time for creating games. LTGameJam is not a competition of any kind (there are no prizes or winners) - it's just a "dev party".

All the games, with complete source code (including the engine) are released at SourceForge.

The Jams

Second LTGameJam (2003)

The second LTGameJam happened on 2003 May 3-4 in Kaunas, LT. There were 16 programmers and they ended up with 10 games on physics/cars theme.

LTGameJam'2003 page is here.

First LTGameJam (2002)

The first LTGameJam happened on 2002 August 24-25 in Kaunas, LT. There were 11 programmers on 6 computers and they ended up with 10 games featuring tens of thousands of game units.

LTGameJam'2002 page is here. Direct link to files (games and engine) here.

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